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"I contacted Poole & Willis Orthodontics in May 2012 to see about possible orthodontic procedure to correct my underbite and teeth placement. I'd made this contact at the suggestion of my dentist who was concerned about the separation of my teeth. However, I was seventy five years old and doubted much could be done without surgery or some drastic measure because I felt, at my age, my teeth were to solidified to be corrected with orthodontics. I had previoulsy contacted other orthodontists who had given me a peripheral exam and said they could correct my situation. When I contacted Poole & Willis they gave me an extensive exam. They related they could correct my dental problems and the procedure they would use. They also gave me their prognosis how long this procedure would take. I chose Poole & Willis becasue of their thorough, thoughtful and professional exam. They related that wearing braces for two years was a trying and difficult situation and I was ready to commit myself to this, to have my dental problems corrected. I commited myself. They followed their outlined procedure and my problems were corrected in the time they had predicted I am extremely satisfied with the results. Two months ago I had my teeth cleaned. The dental hygienist said " Mr. Roley you certainly have beautiful teeth." That was the firlst time in my life I'd reiceived such a compliment. I thanked her for the compliment and said " I owe it all to my orthodontist." Thank you Dr.Willis & Dr. Poole I'll always be grateful."

-Dale R.

"I thought that I would go with a less expensive route and I went to a General Dentist who did Orthodontic work. This decision was not a good one. After Three years of teeth moving in the wrong directions, I made the correct choice and went to Poole & Willis Orthodontics. I went from extreme frustration to my teeth doing what they should be, in a little over 2 years. My initial choice made this an over 5 year project. Poole & Willis treated me with respect and proffesionalism."

Rod T.

“I am so happy with the end results of all my children’s orthodontics. I have always been impressed by Dr. Poole Senior. I knew I wanted him to be my children’s orthodontist. We had a unique situation with my oldest daughter with missing some permanent front teeth. He was so willing to talk about different plans and listen to my concerns. We decided to try a certain plan and just move her teeth instead of doing implants. And it turned out so good! He was pleased and so were we! I see his son, Dr. Poole Jr. being the same, kind, and courteous person. They always make us feel good and take the time to make us feel like they care about us!”
Janet – Wellsville

“Our family has had a very positive experience at Poole & Willis Orthodontics. I appreciate the way the doctors and staff make my daughters feel at ease and laugh during our visits. I’m also grateful for the way the doctors take the time to explain their procedures, objectives, and desired outcomes. They’ve always made themselves available to answer any questions we have.”
Nicole – Preston

“Poole and Willis have been so great with my kids. They actually look forward to going to see them. How weird is that?”
Harris Family

“Outstanding office.”
Ashley S.

“Poole & Willis Orthodontics is fabulous! They have been great to work with.”
Amy P.

“Love them.”
Stacy B.

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